The story begins with my then pre-primary aged son being invited by his little mates to play Cricket Blast on a Friday evening - smashing boundaries, running his little legs between the wickets, bowling countless yorkers (wides and no-balls) and having so much fun that all he wanted to talk about is Cricket. I had to upskill my knowledge on the sport and boy is it a steep learning curve. I'm still learning and enjoy supporting him 'til this day.
And so naturally all he'd wear are Cricket jerseys - state / national / league teams were his go-to clothing of choice for any occasion, including formal events like weddings. Eventually I looked online and in stores for non-jersey casual clothing relating to Cricket but nothing really suited, except for surf and skate brands which were plentiful and looked great but ... it just wasn't Cricket.
Why couldn't there be a Cricket clothing brand like those?
So bugger it, I took this as inspiration to start our own entrepreneurial origin story.
Cricket Wear, the lifestyle brand for cricket families, was born.
With every net session, training day, game day and cricket match (T20 - ODI - Test) we watch, we always find ourselves talking about fun catchy designs and products we want to make available, and the funny relatable stories we could share on social media channels - just for laughs.
And whatever funds we make along the way will go right back into the brand in offering better products and designs for cricket families to enjoy, but also more importantly part proceeds will go towards the Starlight Children's Foundation in their support for sick kids of all ages facing the pain, fear and stress of serious illness.

While we're just getting started with building Cricket Wear, our vision is clear. Cricket Wear wants to create a community for young cricketers and cricketing families around the world, and to provide a high quality and fashionable brand they are proud to wear and support.